Skitts Hill Pumping Station

Skitts Hill Pumping Station

Skitts Hill Pumping Station was privately owned. We have prepared it for adoption to Anglia Water.

On first arrival to the site it was heavily overgrown with bramble and rough vegetation.

We cleared all the undergrowth and vegetation and generally cleared up the area.

The fence is a steel palisade type fence with 2 No custom gates.

All hard standing areas were excavated, consolidated with MOT 1 and then finished C35 concrete poured and layed to all areas.

Client specified expansion joint to concrete pads and around wet well.

Concrete steps shuttered and cast in situe, with additional barrier to steps added when concrete sufficiently hardened.

The lifting gantry was fabricated by ouselves, and rated to carry 1/2 Metric Tonne with moving trolley and removable chain block for pump extraction.

Drain pipe between Valve Chamber and Wet Well required replacing.

We trenched out between the two chambers to a depth of 2.7 M and installed steel shuttering for operative protection.

Trench lay below water line of adjacent river and required constant pumping out.

Hole was cut into 0.3M thick reinforced concrete walls of Valve Chamber and new glazed drain pipe installed.

Old sump was filled with concrete and inside of chamber made good.

New 30mm layer of DBM Tarmac layed with Tack Coat to entire compound to generally tidy up.

Entire area jet washed clean with out 3000 psi petrol driven pump and concrete cleaning lances.

Picture shows new spring loaded cover to Wet Well. Old cover could not be removed by one operative, so this special spring loaded cover was installed with internal protective fall arrest grill.

Skitts Hill Pump Station Wet Well Cover