Carel gaSteam

PW Maintenance are Carel gaSteam experts and can provide a full service, maintenance and break down service for these specialist gas humidifiers.

We work closely with Carel UK and source all required spares direct from the manufacturer.

If you have a new Carel gaSteam appliance and require it comissioning then we are able to assist. Our engineers will check your installation prior to working to ensure the appliance is installed within manufacturers requirements to protect your warranty and investment.

Carel gaSteam Appliance

Our computer generated reports provide full details of emissions and can be used as proof of a satisfactory comission.

Service, Maintenance & Breakdown

The Carel gaSteam unit requires periodic maintenance if installed correctly and we have trained engineers who can strip down, clean and reassemble the appliance in a short period of time.

Carel gaSteam Service
Full Strip Down In Progress

We replace all service gaskets with genuine Carel spares and then recomission the appliance providing Gas Safe paperwork and a full report.

When a Carel gaSteam appliance breaks down, we can identify the fault quickly and carry out a repair to get you running again in no time.

Feed Water Issues

The most important thing to consider when installing and operating a Carel gaSteam, is the quality of the feed water. The feed water quality is so important. It can heaviliy increase the life time of the appliance and reduced call outs and break downs dramatically.

In absolute worst cases, a gaSteam unit can become totally blocked as the following photograph shows. This client had the unit connected directly to mains cold water which was fed from a bore hole. There was no water treatment involved of any kind.

Heavily Contaminated Heat Exchanger

The gaSteam unit continually produces steam and continually uses water. If the feed water contains lots of minerals, these will deposit within the unit. This applies to all units that boil and top up water, not just Carel.

The limescale deposits reduce water contact with the heat exchanger and the efficiency and steam generation of the boiler reduces heavily. It will continually cycle and eventually begin to fail. A good indicator of an feed water issue is activation of the foam sensor.

Our engineers can strip down and remove excess deposits from the inside of the unit, carry out a chemical free clean and put the unit back into operation.

A water sample on site will show if your RO plant is operating correctly and we can advise if any membranes require replacement or cleaning.

Limescale Removal And HX Clean Up

Burner Clean And Air / Gas Ratio

The burners within the Carel gaSteam will require periodic maintenance, at least annually. Depending on the hours run of the appliance, a second short service interval may also be required.

The burners are removed from the appliance and thoroughly cleaned. Ionisation and ignition electrodes, cables are replaced if necessary.

The pre-mix burner wadding is carefully cleaned and then the burner assembled using new gasket kits from Carel.

After firing, the burner is tested at a determined high and low speed and the air / gas ratio adjusted. Analysis of the flue gases enables our engineers to fine trim the emissions and ensure the gaSteam is running efficiently.

Inspection & Final Test

The foam sensor is normally removed annually and the electrodes cleaned then the unit has a thorough inspection for leaks or signs of degrading components such as hoses or wiring.

An inspection of the flue is carried out to check suitability, seals and general condition.

A thorough test of all the controls, klixon thermostats and sensors during a test operation will enable us to pinpoint any fine tuning required.

Once our engineers work is complete, service paper work can be handed over electronically and the unit put back into operation.

If you need assistance with a Carel gaSteam humidifer, please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

Please visit the Carel UK website here.