Process Plant & PLC

PW Maintenance are innovative process plant designers and engineers.

Over the years, we have imagined, designed, manufactured, installed and comissioned, hundreds of different process systems nationwide.

Our key is experience in how a plant should work and thats what we are good at. You just cant design or build something, if you have no clue how it works in the first place.

We work with a very wide range of customers, ranging from very small entrepreneurs through to entire production plants.

As a company we can safely handle steam. Our designs are computer modelled and designed with safety in mind. Our modelling enables us to safely calculate anchor points and provide expansion at the right place.

Process Plant Steam Main Installation For A Scouring Line

We can construct on or off site steam pipework and provide all the necessary steam traps and dirt legs with coded welders carrying out our fabrication. We install and can thermally lag pipe work on completion.

Process control is acheived using Siemens S7-1200 PLC’s of which we have a great in depth knowledge. Using the latest TIA Portal to develop and simulate software and provide great graphical control schemes on touch screen HMI’s.

Process Plant Monitoring Station
Process Plant Monitoring Station

Chemical dosing systems can be very dangerous but if handled in the right way, made to be safe. We regularly work with most of the industry’s chemicals including Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid and a range of industrial detergents.

Process Plant Chemical Pump Set Overhaul
Overhauled Hydrochloric Acid Pump Set

Our pipework is always installed as a pipe in pipe system and can be further protected inside a metal channel if required. We custom build windowed junction boxes, completely sealed against leaks. Any fault with a chemical line can safely vent to a junction box and show which line has failed.

Our range of ideas is comprehensive and our solutions simple, fool proof and safe to use.

If you have a process that is in need of repair, maintenance or upgrade then please get in touch.

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