Powrmatic Heater Replacement

Powrmatic Heater Replacement

Work has been steady since we came out of Winter, but its still good to know that customers are working on there heating systems during the summer. Orders are still coming in and we are still busy installing Powrmatic equipment and other makes of heater.

We were approached by a company who found us on the internet, to replace an old Powrmatic Heater.
A quote was supplied following a site visit and we were contracted to carry out the replacement.

We were asked to remove the old heater and remove it from site. The old flue was removed and the existing flashing was removed and the roof made good. We were asked to use the same roof penetration and not to make additional holes. A Deks flashing was used as usual to eliminate leaks and make a good weatherproof seal. The old mechanical time clock and thermostat was stripped out and replaced with new cable and controls. The existing gas main was cleaned up, tested for gas safety and connected to the heater. We found the original copper main had not been sleeved where it passed through the wall (a requirement to regulations) so we removed it and installed a suitable sleeve for compliance.

Our engineers carefully isolated the gas supplies, removed the old heater then installed the new unit supplied direct from Powrmatic. Space was limited inside the building due to equipment and stock so a Genie Superlift was used to drop the old heater and install the new one. Coupled up with another Heatmiser IQ+ controller, the system was commissioned same day and handed over to the customer. Now they just have to wait a while until they really need it!

If you are looking to replace your broken or aged warm air heating system then please contact us for top quality free and friendly advise!
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Powrmatic NVx Heater

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