Heatmiser offer a complete range of thermostat and program time controls to cover both the domestic and commercial markets. The Heatmiser Neo Neostat range offers superior, stylish design that will blend into any surrounding room.

From there humble beginnings back in the 1970’s Heatmiser UK has grown from strength to strength through design and manufacturing of room thermostat and heating controls. For over 30 years the company has brought new and innovative technology to an ever changing market, making them a leader in underfloor heating control and thermostat systems.

Heatmiser understands the importance of rising energy prices and growing concerns of climate change. With this in mind they aim to develop products that help improve on energy usage that is kinder to the environment as well as your pocket.

Looking forward, Heatmiser continues to research and develop new ways of controlling your heating system. Through consumer feedback and their technical team they have already produced some amazing products that include programmable room thermostats that learn from their environment, as well as the ability to control remotely over the internet and smart phone applications.

Commercial controls are available including the IQ and IQ+ range, which can control warm air and radiant heaters with an optional black ball sensor. Boilerman is available to control boiler based systems with the range further including the Heatmiser Plus and Heatmiser Senior upper end controls.

PW Maintenance are able to supply the full range of Heatmiser thermostats at wholesale prices, offering exceptional cost savings over other suppliers.

Current PDF literature is shown below for the Heatmiser Range, please feel free to download and print as required.

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Following the latest government announcement of the 23rd March, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our office and site services to help prevent the spread of Covid 19, to protect our work force and our families.

A majority of our work is non essential and is no longer worth the risks of exposing our staff to this killer virus.

If you suspect you current have a gas leak or a faulty gas appliance, then you should call 0800 111 999 immediately. The gas network will attend and make your property safe.

However, if you are involved in the fight against Coronavirus – i.e. Hospital, School or actively in the manufacture of PPE, medicines etc and your gas services are essential to support this current threat, we can in some cases arrange to attend your site.

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