Deks Dektite

Deks Dektite

When it comes to sealing a flue pipe, solar pipe or cable, the Deks Dektite range will always have a cost effective solution. The Deks Dektite range covers for all sizes of heating flue pipes with a majority available in both Red Silicone or Gray EPDM.

Specialist flashings are available within the Deks Dektite range which can be assembled onto existing flue pipe, general pipes and even square profiles. The Deks Dektite range is further complimented with a range especially for solar installations and cable protrusions.

Deks UK was established in 2003 and distributes leading brands within the roofing and heating industries. In addition to the market leading Deks Dektite range of roof flashings, Deks UK is also the exclusive distributor for SELKIRK® flues and chimneys. The innovative lead replacement material PERFORM® was added to the products they offer two years ago.

PW Maintenance use the full range of Deks Dektite flashings on all our installation work. They are fully compatible with all types of heating flue including gas and oil. When used with the Deks Dektite fixing kits, they create a perfect seal every time and offer a very long service life.

They seal equally as well to asbestos cement and steel sheeting. The ease of forming the flashing enables the frame to follow any profile thus creating a better seal.

The material is extremely weather and heat resistant and if installed correctly will exceed expectations.

The Deks Dektite flashings should only be installed in dry weather and roof material should be dry before applying sealer. Select a flashing that allows at least 25% additional diameter.

Make the necessary protrusion through the building fabric. Carefully slide the flashing over the final flue pipe section and carefully pull down to position. The flashing can easily be formed to the roof profile. Start in the middle and work towards the edges.

Mark all round the frame with a marker pen or scribe. Apply a generous layer of sealer inside the marked line then push the flashing back into place. Use the self drilling fixings supplied and fix through the edge frame into the roof.

Start from the middle and work towards the edge, ensuring the flashing is pushed tightly into the roof profile. Clean up the expelled sealer and remove debris.

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