Benson Heating Products

Benson Heating is now owned by Nortek. All products are sold under the Reznor brand. Please click here to view our Reznor page. Benson Heating products and information have been left here for archive purposes.
The Benson Heating manufacturing plant in Knighton was sadly closed down in 2014 following the acquisition of the Ambirad Group by Nordyne Inc. Sadly a loss of years of experience and some really friendly colleagues.

Benson heating cabinet heaters are now manufactured at the Ambirad plant in Brierley Hill. The Benson cabinet heater range remains under the Benson brand. Most of the suspended gas unit heater range is now manufactured in Belgium at the Reznor plant.

Continued amalgamation of products between Ambirad, Reznor and Benson Heating is gradually bringing the best from each brand to form a single product line, available between all the companies.

Benson Heating is a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial heating equipment, owned by Ambirad UK.

Benson Heating manufacturers a large range of energy efficiency Natural Gas, LPG and Oil fired heaters available in cabinet, suspended and tubular format.PW Maintenance are able to supply the full range of Benson equipment at wholesale prices, offering exceptional cost savings over other suppliers. We work very closely with Benson and are repair agents for the entire range.

We can install the equipment at your desired location and our team of qualified engineers will carry out any gas main, electrical or flue modifications necessary. We are able to provide risk assessments and method statements for the work we carry out and our engineers are trained to work at height.

Current PDF literature is shown below for the Benson Heating Range, please feel free to download and print as required.

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