Ambirad Heaters


Ambirad is now owned by Nortek. All products are sold under the Reznor brand. Please click here to view our Reznor page. Ambirad products and information have been left here for archive purposes.

AmbiRad is a long standing manufacturer of radiant heaters offering entire radiant heating schemes. The modern range of AmbiRad heater products are energy efficient, create low emissions and provide a high heat output.

Radiant heat is emitted from the radiant heater tubes and warms solid objects by infrared waves. With the heater mounted overhead or on a high wall, a high efficiency reflector causes the infrared waves to be focused downwards into the work area. The infrared waves pass through air to reach operatives and objects and dissipate on contact as heat. This effect creates a good working environment in lower external temperatures. Radiant heating is suited to provide heating in local areas or provide whole factory bay heating.

AmbiRad radiant heaters are best controlled with a black ball sensor which can “see” heat flux at the low working level. This is interpreted as a temperature to more effectively control the heaters.

Various configurations of tube are available including linear and U shaped. Burner options include both forced and induced flame.

In some installations into large spaces, Ambirad Radiant heating can be installed without the requirement of a flue although all requirements of current legislation need to be met before installation. A site survey and subsequent calculations can confirm this.

PW Maintenance are able to supply the full range of Ambirad equipment at wholesale prices, offering exceptional cost savings over other suppliers. We work very closely with Ambirad and are repair agents for the entire range.

We can install the equipment at your desired location and our team of qualified engineers will carry out any gas main, electrical or flue modifications necessary. We are able to provide risk assessments and method statements for the work we carry out and our engineers are trained to work at height.

Current PDF literature is shown below for the Ambirad Range, please feel free to download and print as required.

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Following the latest government announcement of the 23rd March, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our office and site services to help prevent the spread of Covid 19, to protect our work force and our families.

A majority of our work is non essential and is no longer worth the risks of exposing our staff to this killer virus.

If you suspect you current have a gas leak or a faulty gas appliance, then you should call 0800 111 999 immediately. The gas network will attend and make your property safe.

However, if you are involved in the fight against Coronavirus – i.e. Hospital, School or actively in the manufacture of PPE, medicines etc and your gas services are essential to support this current threat, we can in some cases arrange to attend your site.

Where you fall into this category, you should send a text message to 07808 558 111, thats 07808 558 111 and await a response.

We are currently enabling remote access for some of our staff to access our computer systems from home to allow access to some emails and company information.

We thank you for supporting our decision in these most difficult times and ask that you consider taking steps to safeguard yourselves.