AirBloc Industrial And Commercial Air Curtains


Airbloc is now owned by Nortek. All products are sold under the Reznor brand. Please click here to view our Reznor page. Airbloc products and information have been left here for archive purposes.

Airbloc are a division of Ambirad Group which designs and manufactures commercial and industrial door curtain heaters.

The industrial range of Air Curtains are designed for large opening doors found in factories, industry and distribution centres. The powerful Airbloc AB range of industrial air curtains offers a range available for doors up to 6m in height.

There are various heating methods available for the Airbloc Industrial units including gas, low pressure hot water (LPHW), medium pressure hot water (MPHW), steam or with electric heating elements.

Commercial Airbloc air curtains are available with several packaging options. Units can be supplied fully faced for surface mounting with an attractive external cover or they can be installed into a recess or bulkhead. Further models are available to mount above suspended and false ceilings. The various package options allow for a very flexible product.

Open, unprotected door ways cause a great loss of heat, requiring unnecessary use of fuel to reheat the working area. Installing an Airbloc air curtain can help reduce heat loss of a door way by as much as 80%, offering great energy savings and operational costs.

Ambient fan only models are available which can also contribute towards a good energy saving. For new build and refurbishment projects Airbloc products can be incorporated to contribute towards reducing heat loss.

Designed to complement the Airbloc air curtain range, ceiling tile heaters are also available which can be located above false and suspended ceilings. The range is ideal for showrooms, restaurants, and retail and offer a low cost with high expectations. Surface mounted options are also available.

Additional products cover for small office door ways and some products include internal emergency lighting to replace existing when a door curtain heater is fitted.

PW Maintenance are able to supply the full range of Airbloc equipment at wholesale prices.
We can install Airbloc at your desired location and our team of engineers will carry out any gas main, electrical or pipe modifications necessary.
We are able to provide risk assessments and method statements for the work we carry out and our engineers are fully trained.

Current PDF literature is shown below for the Airbloc Range, please feel free to download and print as required.

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