Me ei saa eksportida mis tahes tooteid müüme ka varuosade tahes riigi või maailma kontinentidel kasutades meie ekspedeerimisettevõte või teie heaks Laevandusagendi.

Me regulaarselt ekspordi Benson Küte, Powrmatic, Reznor, Ambirad ja Combat / Roberts Gordon seadmeid üle maailma.
On palju muid UK tooted saadaval, et saame korraldada ekspordiks, sealhulgas kõiki Kliimaseadmed näiteks.
Kui teil on vaja või varuosadeks, võtke meiega abi.

Meil on mitu liinidel eraldatakse Euroopa ja maailma sihtkohtadesse üle maa-, õhu-või merepiiri.

Meie ametisse Ekspedeerimise Company on kogemusi ja teadmisi edastada mis tahes seadmeid UK oma sihtkohta ohutult ja õigel ajal.

Lae informatsioon Siin Benson Küte, Powrmatic, Reznor, Ambirad, Roberts Gordon / Combat

E export@pwmaintenance.co.uk täiendavaid üksikasju.

Following the latest government announcement of the 23rd March, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our office and site services to help prevent the spread of Covid 19, to protect our work force and our families.

A majority of our work is non essential and is no longer worth the risks of exposing our staff to this killer virus.

If you suspect you current have a gas leak or a faulty gas appliance, then you should call 0800 111 999 immediately. The gas network will attend and make your property safe.

However, if you are involved in the fight against Coronavirus – i.e. Hospital, School or actively in the manufacture of PPE, medicines etc and your gas services are essential to support this current threat, we can in some cases arrange to attend your site.

Where you fall into this category, you should send a text message to 07808 558 111, thats 07808 558 111 and await a response.

We are currently enabling remote access for some of our staff to access our computer systems from home to allow access to some emails and company information.

We thank you for supporting our decision in these most difficult times and ask that you consider taking steps to safeguard yourselves.