Fire & Safety

Fire Alarms

We carry out installations, repairs, modifications and testing to all types of fire alarm and fire detection technologies.

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarm systems and associated accessories should be regularly tested by the building occupant on a weekly basis. This testing should be supported by a regular engineer visit.

For most fire alarm maintenance we attend site each quarter, for some only once a year. The skills and capabilities of the premises owner generally depicts the attendance frequency. On an annual visit to site, a fire alarm engineer will test every call point, detector, sounder and device on the system together with the main panel and all the batteries.

We arrange access equipment to carry out fire alarm maintenance to high level equipment (such as warehouse roofs), where regular cleaning of the detector heads can reduce overall problems in the summer months due to false alarms. Our engineers are fully trained in fire alarm testing and have received working at height training, harness training and IPAFF training.

Any remedial works are notified in writing after the fire alarm testing has been completed, and we issue a certificate to you to record the details of the testing.

Emergency Lighting

We carry out installations, repairs, modifications and testing to all types of emergency lighting systems.

We perform annual, quarterley or monthly emergency lighting maintenance within buildings. We perform a short 1 hour test on a short visit and a 3 hour (or rated discharge test) on an annual visit. Following emergency lighting testing we will issue an emergency lighting certificate.


We carry out installations, repairs and modifications to all types of alarm system, door access systems and CCTV installations.
We also offer a complete range of security products such as steel doors, external security fencing and window shutters.


Our CCTV engineers can attend site and perform regular service and maintenance to your CCTV system. Access equipment can be arranged to access high level equipment and a fully trained working at height operative will carry out the works.

Remote Monitoring

We install custom monitoring systems for remote plant and buildings where you need instant notification of a faliure or unauthorised entrance. Our  systems operate on both Ethernet & GSM Mobile networks and can notify up to five people by call or text message when a faliure occurs. We have some units linked to out 24 Hour monitoring station and an engineer will immediately attend.