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We regularly submit our news feeds onto the social networks, and you are welcome to visit our sites and actively participate in discussions. Please like us or add us as a friend to receive our latest news as it is released. Following these links will take you to our home pages on the social sites.

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Manufacturers Links Of Equipment That We Re-Sell

The following links will take you to the various manufacturers web sites of the equipment that we regularly sell. Although we re-produce the information available on these websites here, there may be some interesting news and updates that appear on here. Please feel free to visit the manufacturers sites by clicking one of the links shown below.

Benson Heating
Manufacturer Of The Benson Range Of Heating Equipment

Manufacturer Of The Powrmatic Range Of Heating Equipment

Manufacturer Of The Reznor Range Of Heating Equipment

Manufacturer Of The Ambirad Range Of Heating Equipment

Riello Burners
Manufacturer Of A Vast Range Of Riello Burners

Roberts Gordon
Manufacturer Of The Combat Range Of Heaters