Hednesford Bingo Club

PW Maintenance is pleased to announce the successful installation and commissioning of a new heating system at Hednesford Bingo Club, Hednesford Cannock.

Hednesford Bingo Club

We successfully completed the installation of a Remeha boiler providing heat for an air handling unit and domestic hot water.

Rehema Boiler

As a company we were responsible for supplying and installing most of the plant room equipment including the boiler, hot water cylinder, pipe work and flue.  We installed the system as per design with some minor agreed alterations mainly to increase the efficiency of the system. Space for facilities is a premium and our engineers were able to accommodate around this during the installation process.


We provided the main distribution pipe work for hot and cold water services, with final connections to toilet / kitchen facilities being made by those facility installers. We have also installed the gas main to the kitchen and assisted with the commissioning of kitchen appliances. We supplied the Gas Proving System to the developer for integration into the kitchen facility.

Heating Pipes

Overall the system works exceptionally well and the energy efficient design should see minimal fuel costs for the club.

We look forward to assisting Hednesford Bingo in the future, good luck!

Monday 31st October 2011
Philip Hamer
PW Maintenance


Benson Heating HM FP Heat Exchanger Modules

Benson Heat Exchanger Module

The current range of Benson Heating HM FP Heat Exchanger Modules comprises of fourteen versions rated from 117kW to 1000kW. This range of heat modules has been designed with third party integration in mind, making them universal in their application.

The HM and FP refers to the packaging options available. HM units come fully insulated with a twin skin for stand alone installation. FP units come with a fully insulated front section but the remainder is single skin. The FP models are to be incorporated directy into third parts OEM equipment.

All of the current ranges carry a CE mark and fully comply with relevant British and European standards. The HM and FP units are currently integrated into Benson Heating ISO 9001 – 2000 QMS and have a long track record of popularity, proven design and excellent field track record. Continual design modification and investment keeps the HM and FP units at the forefront of warm air heating technology.

Carefull construction and build is backed up by an individual firing test prior to dispatch to validate heat load requirements and full operational test.

Installation is a breeze with integrated FLT lifting points and all the access panels are easily removed to allow access to the internal combustion chamber and heat exchanger.

HM Units (come fully insulated with a twin skin for stand alone installation) are supplied with a hard wearing powder coated finish and internal bright inner to provide a heat shield and increase internal heat reflectance.

Benson Heating HM FP Heat Exchanger Modules are designed to operate up to 2500 pascals and are supplied as standard with high pressure doors and seals.

Throughout the whole product range, front panels and mountings are all stainless steel holding burner mounting, pressure releif door and flue outlet.

The combustion chamber is manufactured from 304 grade stainless and fully welded with a two pass frame design with high surface area for efficient heat transfer. Heat exchanger and combustion chamber components include internal expansion components to prevent damage to the HM casing or in the case of FP, OEM casings.

All Benson Heating HM FP Heat Exchanger Modules are supplied with integral condense drain connections and drains are fitted as standard on all units with a high / low firing burner.

Each selected burner is carefully match tested, CE approved and manufactured to EN676.. There are various forced draught gas options including on / off, high / low fire or fully modulating controls. Oil fired pressure jet burners offer either on/off and high / low controls. Oil burners are also manufactured to EN267.

A safety pressure switch is integral with every unit which monitors (by differential) air flow through the unit. In the event of an air flow faliure, the burner will be switched off to prevent dangerous occurances.

A safety integrated high limit thermostat will activate as a secondary safety system in the event the unit begins to overheat.

We are able to assist with the selection criteria which should be carefully considered before proceeding to place an order. Benson Heating will be more than happy to assist with this selection process.

Electrical News

Electrical News Items

Following the latest government announcement of the 23rd March, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our office and site services to help prevent the spread of Covid 19, to protect our work force and our families.

A majority of our work is non essential and is no longer worth the risks of exposing our staff to this killer virus.

If you suspect you current have a gas leak or a faulty gas appliance, then you should call 0800 111 999 immediately. The gas network will attend and make your property safe.

However, if you are involved in the fight against Coronavirus – i.e. Hospital, School or actively in the manufacture of PPE, medicines etc and your gas services are essential to support this current threat, we can in some cases arrange to attend your site.

Where you fall into this category, you should send a text message to 07808 558 111, thats 07808 558 111 and await a response.

We are currently enabling remote access for some of our staff to access our computer systems from home to allow access to some emails and company information.

We thank you for supporting our decision in these most difficult times and ask that you consider taking steps to safeguard yourselves.