Powrmatic NVx August Installations

Powrmatic NVx Installations – August 2017

We are just half way through the month and have completed lots more Powrmatic NVx heater installations around the UK. Here are some short case studies with photographs from some of the installations we have carried out. We can design, supply and install any type of heating appliance and equipment throughout the UK. We also offer a breakdown and maintenance service for existing equipment.

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(1) Concrete Products Manufacturer
A few weeks ago we received an enquiry from a cast stone manufacturer in Northampton. On visiting site we were asked to quote to remove and replace some failed Reznor heaters. The site had large Air Handling units installed with damaged heat exchangers. After careful discussions with the client, they were removed and two Powrmatic NVx heaters were installed to replace them.

The overall size of the original units being Air Handlers was large, we had to patch up both inside and outside walls where the fresh air supply duct work was previously installed. As a company we have a pair of general builders who we employ direct. They visited site after our Gas Safe guys had been in and completed making good. Its handy having some experienced building operatives not only for patching up, but for opening up holes in buildings and safe roof working.

The client decided to retain the existing Smart Com controllers, we simply renewed the wiring and left the controllers in place. The site is dirty, there is plenty of concrete dust everywhere. For this reason a balanced flue was installed, drawing combustion air from outside the heated space to limit accumulation of debris within the burned section on the heater.

The old installation ran purely on full fresh air, contamination of the heater was limited but the additional fuel cost of heating outside air was a major concern. The big play off was using a standard unit heater to heat recycled air. Whilst the cost savings will be great and a major plus, contamination of the unit could become a major negative. One of the commitments made by the client was that the heaters would be blown out with compressed air regularly. Giving the fan a good brush down and blasting through into the tubular area of the heater will remove settled debris. They appreciate that they will have to do this to keep the new heaters in tip top condition, but given the savings on fuel they will still save money as the efficiency of the Powrmatic NVx is higher than the heaters removed.

As always, the Powrmatic NVx heaters ran up fine and commissioning was a simple task.










(2) Small Warehouse Unit
This installation only required a small heater, the client requested a suspended unit. Another Powrmatic NVx heater was selected and installed. A Heatmiser IQ+ controller was installed at low level for operating the unit and the gas main was installed in copper using press fittings. A warmairheaters.com own brand high level destratification fan was installed to bring the warmer air back from high level and to displace the cold air.

Powrmatic NVx Heater Powrmatic NVx Heater Powrmatic NVx Heater  Powrmatic NVx Heater


(3) Bi Directional Installation
For heating a long narrow space, the Bi Direction version of the NVx works exceptionally well. Historically two heaters would be used, one at either end of the building. Where site conditions allow, one single heater located in the middle of the heated space blowing both ways is generally satisfactory. A Heatmiser IQ + controller was installed and the gas main was ran in copper with press fittings. The Bi Directional heater is a very handy  unit in the right conditions and can work out cost effective.

Powrmatic NVx Heater

Powrmatic NVx Heater

Powrmatic NVx Heater

Powrmatic NVx Heater

(4) Powrmatic NVx Car Workshop
Another installation we carried out in a car workshop. Unit was suspended blowing down towards the working area. Again control was provided by a Heatmiser IQ+ and gas main was installed using copper and press fittings.

Powrmatic NVx Heater

Powrmatic NVx Heater

Powrmatic NVx Heater

Heatmiser IQ+

Gas MainGas Main

If we can help you with your next heating project please get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Dewar Close, Segensworth Refurbishment

The property consisted of a two storey office block with warehouse previously occupied by an Air Conditioning manufacturing company.

The property had been vacant for some time, and had been occupied by travellers who had stripped most of the electrical circuits and pipe work from the building before being removed by the local authorities.

The following pictures identify some of the works we carried out on site.
The property was let immediately on completion.

External Cleaning To All Of Site

Property had two additional mezzanine floors for office space and canteen with underneath testing facilites. These offices and mezzanine floors were removed from the property.

We constructed a locker room and canteen with fitted sink and appliances. The top section of canteen was decked out with handrails and fabricated staircase was installed for access. Sprinkler system carried into new canteen and locker room.

All offices were completely stripped and all redundant wiring and services removed. Where required, pipe work and radiators were replaced and new ceiling tiles, grid and carpets were installed. Various offices were constructed from partitioning with intenal blinds to large glass windows. Entire offices were re-decorated throughout. Full structured data cabling installed to property.

The data cabling was wired back to a supplied data cabinet in the constructed communications room. Security shutter was installed with solarfilm and an air conditioning unit.

Various pedestrian barriers and traffic barriers were erected inside the warehouse to prevent pedestrian access to traffic areas.

Skitts Hill Pumping Station

Skitts Hill Pumping Station

Skitts Hill Pumping Station was privately owned. We have prepared it for adoption to Anglia Water.

On first arrival to the site it was heavily overgrown with bramble and rough vegetation.

We cleared all the undergrowth and vegetation and generally cleared up the area.

The fence is a steel palisade type fence with 2 No custom gates.

All hard standing areas were excavated, consolidated with MOT 1 and then finished C35 concrete poured and layed to all areas.

Client specified expansion joint to concrete pads and around wet well.

Concrete steps shuttered and cast in situe, with additional barrier to steps added when concrete sufficiently hardened.

The lifting gantry was fabricated by ouselves, and rated to carry 1/2 Metric Tonne with moving trolley and removable chain block for pump extraction.

Drain pipe between Valve Chamber and Wet Well required replacing.

We trenched out between the two chambers to a depth of 2.7 M and installed steel shuttering for operative protection.

Trench lay below water line of adjacent river and required constant pumping out.

Hole was cut into 0.3M thick reinforced concrete walls of Valve Chamber and new glazed drain pipe installed.

Old sump was filled with concrete and inside of chamber made good.

New 30mm layer of DBM Tarmac layed with Tack Coat to entire compound to generally tidy up.

Entire area jet washed clean with out 3000 psi petrol driven pump and concrete cleaning lances.

Picture shows new spring loaded cover to Wet Well. Old cover could not be removed by one operative, so this special spring loaded cover was installed with internal protective fall arrest grill.

Skitts Hill Pump Station Wet Well Cover