Textile Industry Humidification

We were asked last year to source and install a humidification system which could easily be moved around large weaving sheds in Chester. After carrying out some research and looking at solutions the client had tested previously, we found a range of ultrasonic nozzles from the USA with a UK distributor.

The distributor came to site and gave us and the client a demonstration of the nozzle assembly and after some brief testing, we were given a deadline to install the system to one shed while the main humidification AHU was replaced last year.

We constructed a basic frame to hold the water and air regulators together with a UV filtration unit and two particle filters. All the pipework was installed using plastic compressed air pipe to allow speedy removal and modification as required. We built a custom PLC control unit to monitor %RH and operate the system on and off.

The first trial was a complete success and the shed held at around 55 %RH while the old AHU was decommissioned and replaced.

The system has since been installed in various parts of the building while the main plant has been serviced or repaired. The customer is extremely happy with the system and it has enabled production to continue even when the main humidification plant has failed.

The nozzles use a small chamber at the very end of the nozzle to inject water and compressed air. The air resonates and causes the water to smash into minute particles which are then absorbed immediately into the surrounding air. The nozzle output forms a dry fog and will not wet objects a few feet away. There are no mechanical or electrical parts and the nozzles will run 24 hours a day 7 days a week continually.

We have also installed the nozzles directly into various air handling units to increase humidity in the building where required.

If you are involved in the textile industry of have a requirement for humidification then please contact us.

Some of the pictures below show the items prior to completion.

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